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    Hey there! Just wanted to share a little about myself and share some learning experiences.

    My real first name is Brian and I use either the nickname, “briguy” or “BrianMc” depending on if any of the two is available!

    I bought my first domain, back in 1999 and like most beginners, I sure made a few mistakes buying that domain, mistakes like using a number for a word (“2” instead of “to, think Go2Store), I thought it was a cool idea but it wasn’t, because no matter how cool it was, hard to resell (flip for a profit) it especially when the real word was available to register!

    Another mistake that I made was not buying my extension in a (dot)com especially when it is available! I went cheap (used a coupon) and bought a lot domains in (dot)info saved $5.00 by buying the (dot)infos! Generally (dot)com’s are easier to sell!

    Probably the most major mistake was not thinking long term. I did not think about long term, (“what if I can’t sell my names with a year?”, well, was I surprised when registration came due and had a unexpected debt to my credit card! Real hard lesson especially when you use a coupon and register a lot of names, which I expected to sell fast! Note, I developed my “2” .info, and was it getting traffic and indexed (remember this was back in 1999, search engines are way different today)!

    One last point, I am a Canadian, don’t hold that against me (LOL!)

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    Hey welcome Brian, thanks for posting and introducing yourself.

    You’re the first person here since this site is still in Beta testing stage and I haven’t got to actively promote it. But I’m glad to have you.

    Zip2.com by Elon Musk was a pretty good domain haha, but I guess it would have been hard to say on the phone or person.

    This is like the only downside to an otherwise clever domain name.

    Thank you for sharing your mistakes. Like machine learning that makes billions of mistakes in order to get better/grow, we have to make them as well.

    1999, you were here in the golden moment of the internet. I should have started thinking like an entrepreneur sooner!

    I also like Canadians a lot, the most friendly people I’ve met in person and online. And I’m from Australia as well. 🙂



    Thanks! Seems google found the forum!

    When you have the kinda of money that Eton Musk has, you don’t have to worry about passing the “radio test”..that your team problem..lol!

    Did a lot of online business owners from the land of “AC/DC”..one of my my favourite/favorite bands!

    Note maybe add the “target=”_BLANK” to any any exterior links…

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    Yas, not bad! Page 6 of google for “NameFolio” as well, without doing any SEO for that matter.

    Not sure about the new window linkage yet, but I’ll note your suggestion 🙂



    Yes , adding the “target=”_blank” to any exterior page will open a new page and yet keep visitors on the site..




    Brian your prime minister is really cool 🙂

    Great background on domaining btw. I’ve just interested in this thing for 2 years only.



    Thanks @domainxsell! Even though, I try to keep my political opinions to myself, yes he is cool!

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