A Truly Stunning Collection

Get a beautiful portfolio page of all your best domain names in one place.

Sample page: https://namefol.io/cixxy

A Central Hub

Want to promote and sell your domain names but your names are listed all over the place?

NameFol.io is the place to organize your best domains.

No Extension Limit

Some of your names have great potential but can’t get into a brand marketplace?

Example: Sexy.Cat is an epic name but BrandBucket won’t accept .Cat extensions.

Get Noticed

Get exposure by sharing your domains & logos across a social community.

Share your BrandBucket/Brandpa/etc items to gain more exposure.

Gain free high quality backlinks for your domains.

What are you waiting for?

100% free and always will be.

There is no approval process, but your submissions will get removed temporarily if they don’t meet the following criteria:

  • Logo missing or too low quality. (MsPaint, anyone?)
    Hint: You can use logojoy.com to make a cool logo if you don’t have one (screenshot it for free).
  • Offensive / racist imagery or words.
  • Pornographic imagery.
  • Trademarked domains or logo elements.

Should your submission gets removed, you will be notified and they can be restored once they meet the criteria.

There is none. 100% free and always will be.

We only ask that you spread the word and share only your best domain names & logos to make the site look more premium!

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